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We wish to bring people together, to allow diverse artists to find common ground and interests. This is an environment where dancers of all bellydance styles can work together in classes, learn together and learn from each other. The instructors, who come from a variety of bellydance genres and backgrounds of experience, will be offering workshops that will have something for everyone; not just focused on genre-specific bellydance technique, but more on universals that everyone can feel a part of, and that you can apply to your own work.

Below is the 2016 New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference workshop schedule and room assignments for the classes! We’d like to extend a HUGE THANK YOU to all of the teachers for their time, input, and willingness to work together to create workshops specifically for this year’s conference!

As in previous years, we are offering “paths”, but we’ve incorporated a few changes this year to enhance your learning experience and to provide you with more options.

Each workshop falls into a specific category/path. Some of the paths are spread over the weekend versus being contained within a single day and we’re also offering mini-paths.

The categories/paths are not mandatory and you aren’t obligated to register for one; however, all of the workshop content within a category complements each other.

The New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference is unique in its approach to the workshops and lectures. Ranya, Anasma, and our other 13 esteemed teachers worked collaboratively to ensure all of the offerings work together thematically to create an experience where you can fully immerse yourself and delve deeply into your studies. It’s been incredible to witness the amount of coordination and time this has required.

If you aren’t sure which classes to take, we highly encourage you to consider signing up for specific categories/paths. You won’t regret it!

***Please be sure to use the downloadable link for the latest schedule:
Workshop Schedule_NYTBC 2016






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