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We wish to bring people together, to allow diverse artists to find common ground and interests. This is an environment where dancers of all bellydance styles can work together in classes, learn together and learn from each other. The instructors, who come from a variety of bellydance genres and backgrounds of experience, will be offering workshops that will have something for everyone; not just focused on genre-specific bellydance technique, but more on universals that everyone can feel a part of, and that you can apply to your own work.


Join us at MMAC for our 2016 Theatrical presentation featuring this year’s teachers, along with curated performances from some of the best & brightest artists in our field! The theater show is always top-notch, and you will not want to miss it!

We are so privileged to have these amazing and gifted artists in our theatrical show!

DRUM ROLL, please…

Aaliyah Jenny
Anahid Sofian
Anahid Sofian Dancers
Ava Fleming
Dalia Carella
Dalia Carella Dance Collective
Donna Mejia 
Ebony Qualls
Elena Lentini
Ilhan Karabacak
Luna Poumian
Pure Onyx Movement
Ramzi El-Edlibi
Ranya Renee and Matt Elliott
Sand and Stars: Karina Khal, Sherine Khatoun, and Melanya
Sera Solstice Ensemble

…WOW! We can’t wait to what these artists bring to the stage!

TICKETS are $39.99 each in advance ($49.99 at the door).

WANT RESERVED SEATING and the good feeling of supporting our curated shows? You can enjoy VIP reserved seating and some bonus gifts for your donation, added to your ticket for MMAC or Drom. Just look for the VIP Patron add-on options when you check out on Eventbrite during your ticket purchase (scroll down right before you hit the Pay button on your order). Then we’ll save you some of the best seats in the house! Thank you for your support.

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