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We wish to bring people together, to allow diverse artists to find common ground and interests. This is an environment where dancers of all bellydance styles can work together in classes, learn together and learn from each other. The instructors, who come from a variety of bellydance genres and backgrounds of experience, will be offering workshops that will have something for everyone; not just focused on genre-specific bellydance technique, but more on universals that everyone can feel a part of, and that you can apply to your own work.

2011 Frequently Asked Questions


Q: It the $50 discount for the first 20 registrants still available?
A. No, our first twenty participants have registered and the $50 discount is no longer available.

Q: How do I sign up?

1) First, go to the item page.

2) Next, click “customize order

3) Next, select your “workshop path

4) Next, click “Add to Cart” (I think this is where you may be making a mistake).

5) Next, wait a moment and the cart will load. Now confirm your registration details.

6) Next, enter your coupon code if you have one and then hit “checkout”

7) Enter your e-mail address and create a password, then hit submit

8) Give your address and personal details then hit next.

9) Agree to the Terms of Service (check the box) then click next.

10) Click “Pay with PayPal” and then complete your transaction from PayPal.

Q: I signed up for the one day pass but won’t be able to make it to the conference until later in the day, is this ok?
A: Yes, it is fine.

Q: I am interested in buying the full package for the conference but I won’t be available Friday morning. Is it possible to start mid-day at the beginning of the 3rd workshop?
A: We may offer half-day packages, but this is not guaranteed. We won’t know if we can accommodate that until very close to conference (if we do, the cost would be higher for a half day than for half of the full day rate, if that makes sense). But in any case, it might be more economical if you do just sign up for the full package at this point, since it does include the shows too, and remind us that you’ll be arriving late. If you enter at the half-way point in the day after the break, it won’t be disruptive.

Q: I want to know the conference schedule before signing up. Where can I find the schedule?
A: You can see find a full conference schedule on our website by downloading the “Conference at a glance”. Click on the “Conference at a Glance” button on the upper right corner of any page of our site.

Performance Opportunities

Q: I would like to secure a performance slot at the main show at DNA. What should I do?
A. Unfortunately the deadline for submission for the limited performance slots on the main stage, (May 20), has passed. However, we do want you to have the chance to perform! See next question for details.

Q: I would like to secure a slot at the open stage performance. What should I do?
A: At the time of your registration, simply select the radio button indicating that you are interested in open stage spot when prompted to secure a spot. Open stage performances will take place on Friday and Saturday nights at Je’bon, a fun, restaurant-with-a-stage belly dance venue in the heart of the artsy East Village, as well as at Lafayette Grill on Sunday night. Depending on interest we may also have a chance to perform during lunch hours, if all our evening open stage slots fill up.

The priority is given to registrants who sign up for the full conference package, first come, first served. People who register for a single day pass will be placed on a waiting list and be given a performance slot once full-conference people have selected, through the early deadline. We should be able to accommodate everyone who wants to show their work at our conference though, in one venue or another!

Workshops and Instruction

Q: I am at a beginner dance level and/or I have only practiced one style of belly dance. Will this conference be suitable for me?
A: The conference is designed for dancers of all levels–from enthusiastic beginner to advanced and professional dancers. The workshops at our conference are intended to not be style-specific, that is, not tied to a particular belly dance genre, and so your technique level is not as important as your interest in using your creativity and being open to new approaches to creating artistic work. We want participants to mix with each other and expand their horizons to get ideas that go beyond just dance technique that can enhance their work. We have specifically encouraged the teachers to make their workshops accessible to a wide range of dancers. Take a look at the workshop topics and teacher bios, pick the ones that resonate with you or seem like you just can’t miss them, and then try to select packages that include those workshops. Be aware that some teachers are teaching different topics on different days, and some teachers are teaching the same topic because that is what they most wanted to focus on.

Q: How can I choose one path for each day?
A: Please refer to the step-by-step registration instructions in the “registration” section above.

Q: I only want to take one workshop on one particular day. What should I do?
A: We are not offering one workshop pass at this time. This may become an option as we approach closer to the conference, provided spaces are still available. It’s best to sign up for One Day pass to guarantee a spot at if you are primarily interested in one particular workshop or instructor.

Q: Can I mix and match workshops from different paths during the same day?
A: At this time we don’t have an option for a different “choose your own path” option, and there is a reason for that… We are structuring the days so that the teachers who are teaching as part of the same “path” are actually working together on the program for that day, working with the same participants as a team, even if they are teaching one at a time. Also, the participants form a team, being together the whole day, so that they become more comfortable with each other over the course of the day, allowing for bigger personal breakthroughs to be made in a safe, supportive space. This is why we have structured the conference that way. We know that this is an unusual format compared to other conferences or festivals, but it’s one that we have found to be very effective in achieving the educational goals we have for our event, based on last year’s experience on a smaller scale.
You can always compare notes with other dancers over lunch or dinner to see what you missed and share with them what you learned in the workshops you take.

Some of the teachers will be available Monday day and evening, and if you are interested in doing a private or small group work with one of them that you wished you could work with more that can be arranged.

Hope that helps! Feel free to contact us or individual teachers directly to ask questions about the workshops, if that will help you in deciding.

Q: Is it possible to sign up for one path on Saturday (path B for example) and then a different one on Sunday (path C for example)?
A: Yes this is possible. Make sure to take a careful look at the schedule for the different paths as some workshops may be repeated from one day to the next.

Accommodations, Getting Around and Taking Advantage of Your Time in the Big Apple!

Q. I’ve heard hotels are pricey in New York. Do you know of reasonably-priced accommodations?
Check our updated Hotels list for locations near the studios–of course we also recommend you also look at reviews online to get a fuller idea of possible accommodations. We are also negotiating a rate at the Sheraton Hotel Times Square, which is not right near the conference but a short subway ride away. We expect it will be approximately the following packages for conference participants (subject to confirmation):

2 people = $200 = $100 per person, per night
3 people = $230 = $73 per person, per night
4 people =$ 260 = $65 per person, per night

The Sheraton is located in the Theater District just North of Times Square at 51st Street and 7th Avenue. It’s a quick 20 minute subway ride to the workshops at 440 Studios and Je’bon, and about half an hour from DNA and Lafayette. We can help out with finding roommates for you!

If you are looking for roommates or for a local dancer to stay with, please contact us at We can’t guarantee finding a space or roommate for you, but we’ll try to help as much as we can.

There are also hostels and YMCA’s in New York that offer accommodations at a lower cost. You can search in your price range and read user reviews at sites like and

It is likely that local conference participants will be offering beds and couches in their homes, for a small fee to be determined by each host individually. Rents are high in New York City, and space is at a premium, so it’s always appreciated to offer something to your host for their kindness in hosting you.

Please email us at with any questions or for help with accommodations.

Q: I am not familiar with New York. How can I get around?
A: All of New York subway trains and many buses run 24 hours. It is best for you to get a per-day or one-week unlimited metro card as it will give you unlimited rides on subways and buses. You can buy these at kiosks in any subway station. Grab a free subway map at any train station and familiarize yourself. Or better yet, download a free map and study up on the plane! The free website hopstop is also extremely helpful, like a google maps or mapquest for public transport directions. Hopstop also takes into account the service chances that sometimes confuse even New Yorkers! Note that many trains run less frequently after 11pm, and there is sometimes service work on train lines during the summer, especially on weekends and late nights. Taxicabs are also an option–often a slow option during the day because of heavy traffic, and a quicker option at night. Don’t be afraid to ask New Yorkers on the street or in the subway for directions, usually people are surprisingly helpful, despite any “New York attitude”! When in public, especially when traveling on crowded public transportation, be sure to keep your purse, wallet, iPod, etc. close to you–especially if you look a little like a tourist. :-) Stay aware, just to be on the safe side. Play it cool and you should be fine.

Q: What does uptown/down/east side/west side mean? What about some of the other signs and announcements in the subway system?
A: If you are heading up north (the number of the streets go up) then you are heading “uptown,” vice versa for downtown. “West Side” indicates West of Fifth Avenue and East Side means East of Fifth Avenue. (Applies in Manhattan only)

In the subway you may come in contact with the terms “Bronx-Bound, Brooklyn-Bound and Queens-bound” referring to the outer boroughs. Generally speaking, Bronx-bound means the train is heading uptown and Brooklyn-bound means the train is heading downtown. Queens-bound can be a little bit trickier, so keep that map handy.

Often subway signs, conductors and automated announcements refer to the final station stop or “end of the line” of that train, as in “This is a Pelham Bay Park-bound 6 local train.” That means this (6) train will terminate at Pelham Bay Park, which is in the Bronx. If you have a question about which way a train is headed, try checking both end-of-the-line points on your map. Of course, you can always ask someone! New Yorkers don’t bite…well most of us don’t.

The majority of subway trains in Manhattan run North-South, and there are only a few that run “crosstown,” or East-West. If you need to head across town quickly, keep in mind that you may need to take a bus or cab and allow time for traffic, especially during rush hours. There are several cross-town buses, A Manhattan bus map is available here. A list of schedules and routes is available here. As for cabs it’s just like in the movies: they’re practically everywhere in Manhattan. Many even accept credit cards now. Feel free to email us at with transportation questions.

Q. I’d like to use my time in NYC as an opportunity to go shopping for costumes/dancewear/ shoes/fabric/embellishments, but I don’t know which stores are good or when I would have the time to go.
A. Never fear, Nabila—our on-staff tourism and hospitality specialist– is here! Nabila and conference instructor Lotus Niraja will be leading a shopping tour of Manhattan’s fabric district and some of its best dance shoe and dancewear stores on Thursday July 7, the day before the conference begins in earnest. Plan on spending about $5 for the subway and $10-15 for lunch and refreshments. There is no other charge for the tour. Stops will include Capezio, M&J Trimming and the Fabric District, among others. You can register your interest in the tour by emailing Nabila at More details will be provided on the visitor’s page.


Q: I would like to join your mailing list and receive updates about the Conference. What should I do?
A. Scroll to the bottom of the home page, and enter your name, dance name and e-mail address.

Q: I would like to be a vendor at your event. What should I do?
A. Email us at More information to follow soon.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel my spot? Would I get a refund?
A. Unfortunately due to the high costs of the conference on our end, we are not able to provide refunds nor credit towards a future event. You could however sell your spot to someone else for the same dates and paths. We will charge a $20 administration fee for the transfer.

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