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We wish to bring people together, to allow diverse artists to find common ground and interests. This is an environment where dancers of all bellydance styles can work together in classes, learn together and learn from each other. The instructors, who come from a variety of bellydance genres and backgrounds of experience, will be offering workshops that will have something for everyone; not just focused on genre-specific bellydance technique, but more on universals that everyone can feel a part of, and that you can apply to your own work.

JUNE 6-10, 2013 IN NEW YORK


First, the deadline for performer/presenter applications has been EXTENDED to November 1st.
Anyone who wishes to guarantee themselves a performing slot at the conference, including open-stage slots, should submit an application (you can indicate if you are interested in open stage only). There will be no open stage dinner shows at our 2013 conference.
ALL applications are eligible to receive brief typed comments from the panel of judges. Please indicate at the time of application if you’d like to receive comments. It’s a great opportunity to learn about the application process and contribute to your growth as an artist.
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    As always, feel free to contact us at with any questions.

    2013 Theatrical Bellydance Conference Teachers

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    • Anasma is a Performance Arts Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer , Artistic Director and Singer. Drawing from her crossed-training, Anasma focuses on making dance meaningful and touching through storytelling, character development and esthetic powerful movement. Seen in 5 continents and more than 25 countries, featured in numerous performance DVDs such as "Bellydance Experience", "Fantasy Bellydance",... instructional DVDs such as "Bellydance Hip Hop Liquid Fusion","Wave Explosion! Bellydance Hip Hop Liquid Fusion", Anasma currently tours Europe, North and South America and Asia to teach and perform in dance festivals, intensives, prestigious theaters, TV shows and concerts. Anasma is the co-founder and co-director of the New York Theatrical Bellydance Conference and director of World Citizen Dance. She records and releases her first album "Chance is Back" in 2012. Join Anasma onFacebook andwww.AnasmaDance.comRead Full Bio
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    • Ranya Renée, NYTBC co-founder and co-director, began her performing career more than 30 years ago as a theater actress and comedienne, and moved to NYC in 1992 to continue her work as a theater director. She was gradually sidetracked by bellydance until it became her life! One of New York City’s leading Egyptian-style dancer-instructors, Ranya specializes in teaching holistic technique and theatrical performance skills & coaching. She produces live events in New York and tours internationally. Ranya's instructional DVDs Bellydance "Egyptian Style: The Baladi" and "Modern Oriental" have earned rave reviews from dancers worldwide. This year she launched her own company, Ginger City Productions, to produce more teaching and performance videos. For more info visit her website at

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    • Blanca, Associate Director, education and curriculum. Born in Mexico and based in New York City, Blanca is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and workshop leader. She sees belly dance as a tool for communication, a performing art, and a compelling storytelling device all in one. She incorporates metaphysical elements into her work and infuses her students with pure self-confidence. Blanca is a graduate of the Dance Education Laboratory of the Harkness Dance Center / 92nd Street Y. Her credits include a variety of dance productions at Merce Cunningham studio, a dance scene in Sex and the City 2 and 11 DVDs, including Sensual Bellydance, which features her technique and dance style. Full Bio
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    • Aszmara (Associate Director, Curated performance programs) "Dance is emotion in motion" describes accurately the quality of Aszmara's dance. She impresses through her expressive stage presence and interprets the music with her own blend of modern and ethnic Arab and Turkish dance which The New York Times describes as "intense". Throughout her over three decade career,Aszmara has danced a range of performance styles from cabaret entertainment to full stage productions creating themed concert events, folkloric and innovative dances. Workshop sponsors in the USA and Europe repeatedly bring her back for her vast knowledge and informed teaching which conveys technical and performance skills. As one of the leading figures in the field of the Oriental Dance, she was one of the founders/principal dancers of the AMMED Award Winning Middle Eastern Dance Company Oriental Images as well as co-founder/co-director of SaZ Dance Theatre, a multi-cultural woman's dance company. Aszmara's instructional DVD, "Belly Dance... The Secret Desire" won high praise from Habibi magazine. visit Full Bio
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    • Elena Lentini choreographer, designer and dancer trained in Middle Eastern Dance with Ibrahim Farrah, Mime with Stephan Neidzialkowsky and Christopher Yeatman of the Polish Mime Theater and Flamenco with Maria Alba, Victorio Khorjian and Mariano Parra. Forming Caravanserai Dance Theater in 1988 original choreographies are presented expressing an abstract vision of the myths and rituals of ancient civilizations, returning again and again to her celebrated themes of evolution and metamorphosis. The introspection and poetic movement identified with her dance is traced to man`s inner life---a spiritual being breathing humanity and spirit......... Visit Full Bio
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    • Anahid Sofian is recognized as one of the country's most innovative and versatile artists, who has expanded the creative range and appreciation of middle eastern dance. In a career spanning nearly five decades, Anahid has always attempted to stretch beyond limitations, both as a performer and a creator. Self-trained in oriental dance, she was a pioneer in taking the dance out of the clubs and onto to concert stage, performing as soloist and with her company, which she formed in 1979, in such mainstream venues as MOMA, Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, Town Hall, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the United Nations, and the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park where she brought Oriental Dance into the prestigious NY Dance Festival to rave reviews. Drawing on all her background training in ballet, modern dance, acrobatics and jazz, Anahid has created a body of work that demonstrates her wide range as an artist, from curating middle eastern festivals with her company at Town Hall, to her most ambitious work, a multi-media dance-drama entitled Passage through Light and Shadow: The Children of Ararat (2010), which inspired the Art Times critic to write: "This emotional and educational experience is one to be treasured and remarked upon for years to come. I urge anyone who loves dance, who enjoys poetry, who hungers for beauty, to try to see this production whenever or wherever it is presented. " Anahid established her NY studio in 1972 where she offers a full curriculum of classes encompassing all aspects of Oriental Dance, and where she also sponsors such events as her Atelier Orientale, a performance series that provides artists with an opportunity to present new works in a relaxed, salon atmosphere. For more information visit Full Bio
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    • Donna Mejia As a transnational fusion dance artist, Donna Mejia distinctive aesthetic dialogs the secular dances of North Africa and the Arab World with American Hip Hop dance and sub-genres of electronic dance. Donna also teaches the Brazilian Silvestre Dance Technique and is a primary representative after twenty years of practice. In October of 2011 she was selected by the Fulbright Association to present the 2011 Selma Jeanne Cohen Endowed lecture for International Scholarship in Dance, notably for her paper "Digital Diasporas and Transnational Dance Communities: The Effects of the Internet on Identity Formation and Collective Cultural Memory." Donna has been guest artist in residence for twelve colleges, and received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Smith College on full fellowship. She joined the University of Colorado at Boulder's dance department in 2012 as the first Assistant Professor of tribal fusion dance globally. She balances her time teaching and touring internationally to teach, lecture, and perform for private sponsors, festivals and community organizations. Read Full Bio
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    • Dalia Carella is a renowned world fusion artist, choreographer and master teacher. Founder and Artistic Director of the Dalia Carella Carella Dance Collective. Ms. Carella has delved deeply in the studies of dances from the Near and Middle East including Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, as well as North Africa (including Morocco and Algeria), India and Spain. Her dances are both traditional and contemporary with a spiritual and mystical essence behind each and every dance that she creates. Some of Ms. Carella’s new works represent both traditional and contemporary movement ranging from sacred rituals to global contemporary theater pieces to post modern works. Her dance background also includes studies in Flamenco, Indian, Bollywood/Bhangra, Afro-Haitian, Samba, Salsa, Bomba and Plena from Puerto Rico as well as jazz and ballet. Read Full Bio
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    • TjardaTjarda is a genuine dancer with a broad-minded curiosity towards fusing bellydance and well-known for her innovative choreographies. She is the inventive force behind award-winning troupe The Uzumé Dance Company and The Amano Project and has received several grants to expand her knowledge or to develop new projects. Tjarda is a widely recognized instructor and performer and sought after throughout Europe and the USA. She holds certifications for teaching and dance therapy and still studies continuously to broaden her education. Blurring lines and drawing inspiration from even the most unlikely sources is the opening stance of all her choreographies and classes. Her work inspires many in finding their own path. Tjarda performs solo, with The Uzumé, The Amano Project, as an honorary member in UNMATA or you can spot her in collaborations with Samantha Emanuel and Anasma. Read Full Bio
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    • Illan Upon discovering Tribal bellydance at age 11 watching at Rachel Brice's videos, Illan studies the art form with the Nejma Company for two years. In March 2007, he participated in a regional contest and obtained the first place, unanimously and with congratulations from the jury,leading him to the final National competition in May 2007, where he gained the first place in his category. Then onwards, he took workshops to improve his dance (Sharon Kihara, Rachel Brice, Anasma, Mardi Love…); and entered the Louis Liard high school in Falaise in 2008, where he chose dance as a primary option. In his time at school, he encountered a great number of choreographers in African & Contemporary dances, and Ballet (Dominique Duszynski, Jean Marc Piquemal ,Jean guizerix, Dominique Jegou…). Illan is a young self made dancer who finds his inpiration in his everyday life, staying eager to discover always more to keep on growing. Different styles and atmospheres form his unique dance style. For more information: Read Full Bio
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    • Oreet is an award winning performer and the creator of SharQui – The bellydance workout®. Her dance specialty is Modern Egyptian which is a contemporary and innovative twist on the traditional Egyptian styleIt fuses modern dance, ballet and her Yemenite/Israeli roots to create her high energy bellydance style. Along with teaching, Oreet certifies dancers and fitness professionals in the SharQui® bellydance format nationally. As a performer Oreet combines passion, grace, athleticism and hip precision in order to give a refined performance. Her titles include Bellydancer of the Year 2007, Entertainer of the Year 2006, Jewel of the Nile 2006, Bellydance Diva 2005 and is the reigning Middle Eastern Dance Champion of North America. For more info visit, Read Full Bio
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    • Yasmina Ramzy (Canada) is a visionary and a choreographer committed to the presentation of Bellydance as high art. The years 1981 – 1995 were spent performing throughout the Middle East, often for royalty and heads of state, Yasmina Ramzy then founded the critically acclaimed Arabesque Dance Company and Orchestra and theInternational Bellydance Conference of Canada (IBCC). She received her key training from leading masters in Egypt and Syria including Aida Nour of the Reda Troupe and Mohammed Khalil, director of the National Folklore Troupe of Egypt. Her unique and highly creative choreographies have won numerous awards and commissioned by many dance ensembles internationally including the Bellydance Superstars. Today, she regularly performs and teaches in over 60 cities on five continents. She has produced nine performance and seven instructional DVDs as well as seven CDs. Yasmina writes the "Ask Yasmina" column in the world's largest Bellydance magazine. As a mentor to many, she is well known for revealing the authentic, organic structure of Mid East dance and its relationship to Arab music. "Most unique and beautiful choreography (Prayer to Nuit)" Nagua Fouad "Her choreography (Inta Omri) proves Bellydance is art" Randa Kamel Read Full Bio
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    • Sarah Skinner is known for her mastery of belly dance, superb technique and lovely veil work. Sarah Skinner is a multi-talented artist: An innovative, mesmerizing performer and highly-acclaimed dance instructor, she is also well-known for her artistry as a dance photographer and unique costume designer. Sarah Skinner has been exploring bellydance through a diverse range os styles, always maintaining her signature qualities – lyrical, highly-emotive flow of the dance, fluid and expressive body line, precise and rich technique. From NYC now based in Toronto, Sarah teaches and performs around the world. Her twelve instructional and performance DVDs are internationally acclaimed and have been published in a number of languages. Sarah performs in professional theater shows, at private events, and high-end clubs with the top bands For more information visit: Full Bio
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    • Kaeshi Chai is an internationally recognized performer and instructor. She is the director of the professional company, Bellyqueen Dance Theater, the healing community PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment) as well as the Rising Sirens. In 2003-2004, she was part of the Bellydance Superstars, and held the position of dance captain for the 2004 US & Canadian Spring Tour. She has performed at Central Park's Summerstage, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Folie's Begere in Paris, Bloomsbury Theater in London, Teatro Smeraldo in Milan and has made television appearances on Conan O'Brien as well as BBC's Blue Peter. Recently, she was invited to team up with the one and only Jillina for her Bellydance Revolution project. Read Full Bio
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    • Aepril Schaile is "An American priestess of the Dark Goddess" working through the ancient and ever-evolving arts of Bellydance, Music, Ritual Theater, and Divination. Aepril has taught and performed at curated events in Paris, NYC, L.A., Hollywood, and San Francisco. Aepril directs Exquisite Corpse Productions and is Artistic Director of Exquisite Corpse Dance Theatre. Aepril teaches ongoing classes in Boston and Salem, MA, and teaches traditional, theatrical, and shamanistic Bellydance workshops nationwide and internationally. In performance, Aepril becomes Trickster, Warrior, Ghost, Storm, Grieving Mother, Killer, Snow Queen, Seductress… Aepril’s performances invoke the archetypal Feminine as a force of nature and magick. Aepril is an astrologer, musician and composer, dancer and dance teacher, writer and storyteller, mythologist, animal rights advocate, and witch. Aepril is an AAFA certified Group Fitness Instructor, and she holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art.Read Full Bio
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